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👻 A spooky tale for this October Friday

Organization: We need to be testing and learning things more quickly.

Same organization: It'll take legal 4 weeks to approve those proposed changes.


Are you as scared as I am? Let's unpack why:

One of the most costly mistakes I see organizations make with their testing programs is a lack of internal alignment on resources and priorities. In one such occurrence, we are spending in the $MM range on ads, but are unable to move landing page testing forward in a timely fashion due to hangups with legal and internal review on the organization side.

Let's play this out in real life: If this landing page change does what we think it will, we'll see a 10% improvement in purchases - which, given our traffic volume and investment, results in hundreds of thousands in additional revenue per quarter. Then, our next improvement idea could then boost purchases by an additional 5%, compounding our initial improvement. And the next one could... I think you get the idea.

But! Because of a 6 week internal turnaround time on any copy or content changes, we are losing half a quarter for every test, stopping our testing momentum in its tracks and letting valuable audience and market insights that are based on a specific campaign or cultural moment fall by the wayside. We're also leaving thousands, if not millions, of dollars on the table.

you've gotta be forking kidding me

Landing page and conversion optimization is a team sport: it only works if everyone is moving towards a common goal. Otherwise, it's like getting lost in a dark corn maze with the chainsaw maniac chasing after you and your friends decide it's better to split up than stay together. Spoiler: the ones that split off from the group always get murdered first. It's science.

Ok, ok. Testing isn't that morbid - but it can have long-lasting effects if done properly (and improperly, for that matter).

What's the scariest testing or optimization story you have? 'Tis the season, after all. 🎃🎃🎃

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